Secure Parking

You don’t need to worry about your vehicle

If you are flying to the Isles of Scilly and driving to the airport you can park your car safely at Land’s End, Exeter and Newquay.


There are pre-booked online discounts available. For more information you can go straight to the relevant page at Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter.


If you are travelling by boat you need to find somewhere to park in and around the Penzance area and the solution is made easy for you.


Scilly Parking offer secure parking just outside Penzance. Once your car is parked it does not move so you can take your keys with you, should you wish. Scilly Parking provides a drop off and pick-up service to Penzance quay so there is no waiting for taxis on either leg of your journey.

Isles of Scilly Parking is based in Penzance and offer indoor and outdoor parking facilities. Your car may need to be moved in order to make best use of the available space so you must leave your keys with them. Isles of Scilly Parking also offer maintenance and valet services.


You can of course park anywhere you wish but we recommend the services of the parking service providers who have been operating for many years and have built up loyal customer bases.

Scilly Parking

When you’re heading off to the Isles of Scilly you want to know that everything’s taken care of. That means leaving your car in good hands – Scilly Parking.


Park your car in our secure space, take your keys with you and we’ll do the rest. Only six minutes from Penzance, we’ll drop you and your luggage on the quay by the Scillonian, and pick you up on your return. There’s no waiting around for a taxi, no long walk to and from your car, and no extra charges.

01736 740277  or  07855 739060

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