A Scillonian woman who was devastated when her cat went missing four months ago is giving a home to two kittens from the mainland. 

Jane Pender spent weeks looking for her black cat Mozzie (short for Mozart), posting flyers around St Mary's, appealing for help on social media and going door to door around her Hugh Town home.

Mozzie went missing on the afternoon of February 4. He was last sighted in a garden in Sally Port and hasn't been seen since. 

Jane says she still misses him terribly but has accepted that she probably won't see him again. 


She said: "Once I'd accepted that Moz was never coming home, I decided to get two kittens as I loved having a cat in the house and really missed Moz. 


"I'm not replacing him as that is impossible, he was such a lovely boy, but I am moving on and giving this brother and sister a new home is part of that. 


"They'll be spoilt rotten and thoroughly loved, just like my Moz was."

Jane said she is excited to welcome her two new arrivals, both Tabbies who will be nearly 12 weeks old when they reach Scilly. 


Staying with the music theme, she will call the boy Figaro (Figs for short), while the girl's name is still being decided. 

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