The Maritime and Coastguard Agency will conduct an exercise on the Isles of Scilly on Wednesday and Thursday to simulate how the UK would react to an oil spill.

During the exercise, to be conducted at Porth Hellick, a variety of different counter pollution equipment will be deployed and some new equipment will be tested.


Ultimately the exercise will test how effectively and efficiently counter pollution equipment and personnel can be deployed to an incident.  


Gail Robertson from the MCA Counter Pollution Team said: “Thankfully, modern navigational safety improvements mean that the Isles of Scilly are no longer blighted with the tragedy of vessels being regularly wrecked on their coastline despite the large number of vessels which pass through the nearby waters every year. 

"With thousands of small islands scattered around the UK coast from the Shetland Isles down to the Isles Of Scilly, it’s right that we continue to test and exercise our response capability around the entire UK to improve our readiness should a major oil pollution incident occur in the future. 

"This exercise will give the UK an opportunity to assess its response capability to pollution in an environmentally sensitive and ecologically precious location.”

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