The Government's Housing and Planning Bill received Royal Assent last week and the repercussions for the Isles of Scilly could be bleak.

Under the terms of the Act, local authorities will be compelled to build starter homes for first time buyers, the cost of which will be capped at £250,000.


Buyers will then be free to sell their asset after five years at full market value thereby eradicating any benefit for the next generation of first-time buyers.


Furthermore, the bill extends the right to buy to Housing Associations, which will further reduce the availability of social housing.


Another problem for Scilly is that local authorities will be forced to sell their higher value housing stock when it becomes available to fund the construction of the affordable housing and the extension of right-to-buy tenants.


At the recent round of Council public meetings Diana Mompoloki, Senior Manager for Strategic Development, said that if the Islands did not receive any exemptions then the authority might have to sell all but 16 bedsits from its current housing stock.

MP Derek Thomas is said to be discussing exemptions for his constituency with Greg Cark, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

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