Today we bring you the final candidate we spoke to - Independent William Morris. Unfortunately the Lib Dem candidate did not respond.

Rather than answer the same two questions as his fellow candidates, Mr Morris elected to send a message to the Isles of Scilly:


William Morris – Independent


My family, in part at least, comes from the Islands. My Great Aunt Doreen and her daughter Pat (now exiled to Penzance) were of Isles of Scilly farming stock. Actually my links with the islands are intricate given, for instance, that my eldest boy Joss was at Sexys with a number of youngsters from the Islands. So you know us, if you think about it, and I have more than a few cousins, distant though they may be, amongst you.


Which is to say I will, if elected, take a special interest in the Islands. I already do, in so much as I am aware of the twitter account of your resident one man police force:  Possibly the most active policeman on social media in history. Actually probably the most active resident of Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly wrapped up together on social media. He is an example to us all, even though he does cause us to raise an eyebrow now and then.


But seriously, time was that the Islands' most serious crime issues were slow off islands response times, and the speeding issue. That last was not to be neglected. We should enforce speed limits on the islands stringently. And drunk driving is inconsiderate and should be addressed severely rather than tolerated. Whilst we are talking traffic I do not like the tendency on the islands to ignore parking restrictions. It is disrespectful and inconsiderate and should stop. Or have islanders improved since I was last there? Are you all good as gold now? You tell me.


But above all else I am bothered by the increase in crime. Time was there was NO CRIME on the islands. Have you looked at the latest crime statistics? Shall I remind you? Do you want to be reminded? Of course these are very very modest figures. And of course statistics can lie.


I shall take an interest in the islands if elected. You can be sure of that. You may regard that as a blessing or a curse. But I ask you to vote for me. I hope to be elected. I am the only Cornish candidate. Now you won’t care about that will you? You not being Cornish. But I could argue that I am one of you. I expect your vote. I need your vote. I do hope you will vote for me. I shall not let you down. And I most certainly will not ignore you.

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