Following on from yesterday when we heard from the Labour and Conservative candidates in Thursday's Police and Crime Commissioner election, we bring you Independent candidate Bob Spencer and UKIP candidate Jonathan Smith.

Bob Spencer – Independent


Why is it important residents of Scilly should get out and vote?


Although the crime rate is low with serious crime extremely low on the Isles of Scilly there are issues that mirror those on the mainland, these include the use of tasers, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse.  The local officers on the island do an excellent job working with the local community and with the many seasonal visitors.


The police are key partners working with health, education and social services.  The Isles of Scilly Crime statistics from August 2015 show 26 crimes the majority of which were theft and burglary with two crimes of violence and sexual offences.  The February 2016  crime statistics show two vehicle crimes, two violence and sexual offences and two theft.


Clearly the local officers need to have the support, training and backup needed during the very busy holiday period with an estimated 85% of the islands income based on tourism.


The candidate you vote for will have a direct impact on the level of support, funding and commitment you get from your police force.  You have a voice in this election and can make a difference.



Why vote for me?


If elected as the PCC I would continue to support the initiatives of The Isles of Scilly Community Safety Partnership, working to ensuring safe levels of alcohol consumption, stressing the importance of road safety and raising awareness and improving access to domestic abuse services. I would continue to provide funding, supporting the aims and aspirations of the partnership.  I would also give a commitment to work together with the Council of the Isles of Scilly, to improve crisis care for people with Mental Health issues and to support the islands' police officers.


I am completely independent of party politics and am funding my own campaign.  I have experience of working as a senior police officer managing a budget of £144 million,  On leaving the force seven years ago I became independent chair for safeguarding vulnerable adults in Devon and adults and children in Torbay.  I have experience working in partnership with health, local authorities, voluntary sector, probation and the criminal justice service.   I have worked as a magistrate for five years and run a successful business working with major national and international companies advising on anti-terrorism.


I am committed to making sure there are more police on the streets when you most need them by reducing waste and cutting bureaucracy.


Officers will have the support, training and resources to do the job.  I will challenge both cuts to police budgets and to partner agencies.


I will ensure the police and their partners can work together to protect the vulnerable and put victims at the heart of the justice system in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.



Jonathan Smith - UK Independence Party


Why is it important residents of Scilly should get out and vote?


Policing belongs to the community and not the government.  The police are withdrawing from society and becoming ever increasingly difficult to contact.  The public MUST show that they care for their police service and want to save the unique British bobby.


Why vote for me?


I do not support the Office of The Police and Crime Commissioner.  I fully accept that I will struggle to dissolve a statutory body, however I can reform the role to work for the people and not the politicians.  I want the public to fully engage with their Police Service. I will aim to achieve this by replacing the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner with a Police and Community Cooperative. This panel will be a body of ALL the key stakeholders in the Policing area such as the Police, Social Services, NHS, Housing, etc. and provide a voice for the local people to become more involved and vocal in the way we safeguard our communities.

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