The cox of the Gloucester Gig Rowers men’s crew from Massachusetts has expressed his delight at picking up a prize at this year’s World Pilot Gig Championships on the Isles of Scilly.

The Group K section winners will now have a permanent memento of the team’s participation at the World Pilot Gig Championships on display at their club.


Bill Helmuth, who rowed last year but switched to the cox’s seat this year after picking up an injury said: “We were delighted with that and we had a wonderful time – everybody enjoys the emotion of the competition and the camaraderie after the finals, regardless of where they finish.“


Bill hopes to return to the World Championships next year and get back to rowing.


“What was brilliant last year was that I never rowed so hard in my life to stay a half a boat length ahead of one boat and not quite catch another boat for over a mile.”


“The competition is really what makes it unique; you’re always locked in with boats of a similar capability.”


Gig racing seems to be on the rise in the New England region of the United States with two clubs in Maine, four clubs in Massachusetts and working vessels in Lake Champlain.


The Gloucester Gig Rowers entered a crew in both the men’s and ladies’ events this year and hope they will be joined by compatriots from a New England club in 2017.

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