The candidates for the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections have spoken to the residents of the Isles of Scilly.​

The elections take place on Thursday, 5th May and polling stations throughout the islands are expected to be very quiet as a low turnout is anticipated throughout the country.


The last election in 2012 saw a turnout of just 15%, the lowest in history for a nationwide poll.


Devon and Cornwall witnessed just 197,004 votes cast from 1,300,925 registered electors, of which 55,257, a mere 4.25% of the electorate, was sufficient to see Conservative candidate Tony Hogg elected as the first Police and Crime Commissioner for the region.


Mr Hogg’s vote accounted for less than a third of the votes cast so the supplementary vote system came into play, as it did in 33 of the 41 areas where elections were held.


The supplementary vote system is one where voters mark the ballot paper with their first and second choices of candidate. If no candidate gets a majority of first preference votes, the top two candidates go on to a second round in which second preference votes of the eliminated candidates are allocated to them to produce a winner.


We contacted all candidates to ask why residents of the Isles of Scilly should get out and vote and why we should vote for them. All bar the Liberal Democrat candidate responded and we will bring you all statements over the next few days.



Polling stations on Bryher, St Agnes, St Martin’s, St Mary’s and Tresco are open from 7:00am until 10:00pm on Thursday 5th May.


Gareth Derrick – Labour Party


Why is it important residents of Scilly should get out and vote?


“I feel it important that the democratic views of the Isles of Scilly’s residents should be heard in any matter offered to an electoral choice. In this case the elected PCC will be responsible to the public for the totality of policing across the region and for prioritising police effort and the spend of around £285m per year. The values and capabilities of the new PCC will definitely affect how policing is shaped over the next 4 years and beyond. Nothing can be taken for granted in these difficult times for public resources.”


Why is voting for you in the best interests of the Isles of Scilly?


“There are 3 factors in my proposition for election. Firstly, my professional background, which has been 36 years of impartial public service in the Royal Navy. Secondly, my personal values which can be summarised as a commitment to fairness and to working together with people. Third, I will focus simply on what matters most; maintaining effective local policing and connecting with communities. When I visited St Mary’s earlier this month as part of my campaign, I was able to meet with Matt and Shirley at the station, and with some of the town’s residents. I was struck by how strongly your policing represents an ideal which has largely been lost elsewhere. My promise to the Isles of Scilly is that I will ensure the excellent service by your Police officers and PCSO will continue, and will not be bargained away in any attempt to save resources.”



Alison Hernandez – Conservative Party


Why is it important residents of Scilly should get out and vote?


"The residents of the Isles of Scilly have a long-standing history of community policing at its best. A resident Police Officer who has always been a part of the wider community and maintained professional standards despite the isolation that can occur. I believe they understand the utmost importance of taking an interest in this election and who they think will be able to secure them a future of keeping policing at the heart of their community."


Why is voting for you in the best interests of the Isles of Scilly?


"One of the critical things happening in the next few years is the way the Government are changing the way the Police are funded. The huge influx in the summer of visitors is not recognised in the way the Police are funded at the moment and I will work as a team with their MP Derek Thomas to secure the best funding deal. This in turn will enable policing to keep being at the heart of our communities, especially in the Isles of Scilly."

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