A teenager was airlifted to the mainland at the weekend after crashing a borrowed pleasure boat while under the influence of alcohol. The 19-year-old escaped punishment as no law was broken despite the cost of coming to his aid costing the tax payer several thousand pounds.

Policemen on patrol witnessed the boat being driven erratically out of St Mary's Harbour in the early hours of Sunday morning.


The vessel took a course towards rocks and the officers raised the Coastguard who in turn contacted the Lifeboat.


The ‘sailor’ managed to drag himself to shore and was found under a bush in pitch blackness by the Coastguard


Sgt Colin Taylor said  “driving a boat while intoxicated is fraught with danger. In the circumstances we were faced with in the early hours of Saturday morning the actions of a lone boatperson caused many others to take action and put themselves at risk to ensure they were rescued from greater harm.

"Had Nic and Mat not been on duty and followed up their concerns that a boat was putting out to sea late at night then kept observations on the boat and raised the Coastguard, the picture by the morning could have been a whole lot bleaker."

There is no law against drinking and driving pleasure boats and no further action is being taken despite the cost to the taxpayer.


Sgt Taylor confirmed that the costs of the operation included a helicopter, Coastguard teams, the Lifeboat, an Ambulance, hospital staff at two hospitals, St Mary's Harbour staff, the Police and teams of people to get the boat and engine off the rocks.


The young man has since been discharged from hospital.

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