Former local constable Marc Blyth, who served on Scilly between 2009 and 2012, is to return to St Mary’s for gig weekend.

Sergeant Colin Taylor said: “It will be good to see Marc back here because he knows the scene.”


Marc is one of three officers from the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary coming to the islands to assist the local police team during the 27th World Pilot Gig Championships, which start on Friday.


Asked whether there was a need for additional officers at an event that has been trouble free for over quarter of a century, Colin told us: “On a normal course of events Scilly is just one firework and the chances of one spark hitting that firework is fairly minimal.


“When we have Gig Championships we have 7,000 fireworks and the chances of one spark hitting those 7,000 increases – and where it is still unlikely, it’s still an increase so we bring extra officers across because the potential is worse if things were to go wrong.”

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