Residents of St Mary's are on the lookout for a missing skunk

The albino mammal, named Milli, is similar in size to a cat and escaped a month ago while out on a walk with her owner.


A reward of £250 is offered for information that leads to her safe return while £500 is up for grabs should you manage to return her in person.


We are assured that the Milli is tame but likely to be frightened so approach with caution. She will not attack but could bite if mishandled.


Skunks are crepuscular creatures so be especially observant during the twilight hours.


Should you catch sight of Milli then please contact Adam Smith at Tolman Café in Old Town in person or call 01720 423060.


Sgt Colin Taylor has already posted on the Isles of Scilly Police Facebook page to request that you do not bring a skunk to the Police Station.

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