A Scilly Councillor has proposed that the Authority formally expresses its support to Cornwall Council for the planning application for a new Penzance heliport. 

The motion, put forward by Cllr Ted Moulson and seconded by Cllr Steve Sims, will be considered at the meeting of Full Council on Thursday, January 26.


The motion is: ‘That this Council recognises that a thriving island community requires an excellent transport infrastructure. The Isles of Scilly Council strives to promote reliable, resilient and integrated modes of transport. 


'In recent years we have supported efforts to improve transport to and from the islands, for example the hardening of airport runways, improvements in buildings and the St Mary’s quay extension. The establishment of a helicopter service at Penzance, which has good public transport connections, would provide more travel options to and from the islands and would therefore increase the effectiveness and resilience of the transport system. 


'Private sector investment improves customer service and choice for residents and visitors, leading to an increase in passenger numbers to the benefit of the economies of the Isles of Scilly and West Penwith. 


'This Council expresses to Cornwall Council that it fully endorses the planning application of Penzance Heliport Limited to develop the land at Jelbert Way, Penzance, to facilitate the commencement of a commercial helicopter service to the Isles of Scilly and recognises the huge volume of public support for the application received by Cornwall Council with 2641 comments supporting the application and only 26 comments in opposition to date (16 January 2017).’ 

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