A flag raising ceremony took place outside the Town Hall this morning to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Chairman of Council Amanda Martin said: "Our Queen has been a consummate professional throughout her reign, which has been a lifetime of selfless devotion to the country, her family and the Commonwealth. It is appropriate that in the Isles of Scilly, a place for which she holds great affection, we should wish her Happy Birthday in our own particular way."


The Reverend Penny Prince led prayers and was joined by the Reverend Charlie Gibbs who said: "Look at the smiles on our faces. There’s no doubt about it that Her Majesty certainly puts a smile on our faces. We love it when she comes to the islands and we love to follow her through the media.


"The wonderful thing about her is that she’s lived through these 90 years of change and so many of the difficulties we face in our lives, she has faced in her life, She has set us an example and been a wonderful leader for our nation."


Also in attendance was Christopher Budd, the former Bishop of Plymouth, who said: "She’s been a marvellous gift to the nation."


Luke Humphries from the Duchy of Cornwall added: "Scilly is rightly proud of its royal connections and it’s fair to say our Queen has been a constant in our lives. I’m delighted to mark today’s milestone in gathering here today to raise the Union Flag and wish her many happy returns."


The assembled group of well-wishers sang the national anthem followed by a lively chorus of Happy Birthday.

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