European referendum campaigners are visiting the Isles of Scilly on Thursday to promote Great Britain's departure from the European Union.​

The 'In or out of the EU' drop-in session is promoted by UKIP member Stuart Guppy on behalf of Grassroots Out, an organisation made up of politicians across the political divide with the aim of getting the UK out of the EU.


Mr Guppy said: ‘It was arranged some weeks ago as a Grassroots Out event, but since then Vote.Leave has been designated as the Official Out organisation by The Electoral Commission.


He added: ‘We hope to persuade voters to leave, but the ultimate decision whether to vote to leave or to stay in lies with the individual’.


The event takes place at the Scillonian Club on Thursday between 12:30pm and 2:30pm.


UKIP gained the highest share of the vote on the Isles of Scilly in the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections with 29%, despite this being the only region in England (along with Cornwall) to receive convergence funding from the European Regional Development Fund programme.

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