The Skybus service between the Isles of Scilly and the mainland is to get a half million-pound revamp in time for next Easter. 

The aircraft will get new interiors, an enhanced navigation system and new livery in what the Steamship Group describes as a "major investment in improving passenger comfort and operational resilience".

Six of the fleet will be fitted with new interiors including new trim, carpets and soundproofing, while five will be completely repainted. All eight aircraft will be decorated with a new red, white and blue tailfin design.

The upgrades, costing £530,000, are being carried out between now and next April, with no disruption to services.

The Skybus fleet has also been fitted with new satellite landing technology EGNOS, which is hoped will improve operational resilience during times of poor weather.

Isles of Scilly Steamship Group's chief executive Rob Goldsmith said: "With five of the fleet due to be repainted we have also taken the opportunity to refresh the appearance of the aircraft with a bright new livery. Our first repainted and upgraded Twin Otter has just returned and more aircraft will follow in the coming months."

The company's Chairman Andrew May added: "Our strategic goal is to improve the scheduled transport links with the islands, by both sea and air, over the long term. By this we mean transport links which meet the demands and requirements of our passengers and customers, such that our services are reliable, resilient, of high quality and affordable."

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