A planning application has been submitted for an astronomical observatory on St Martin’s. 

The proposal is to construct two prefabricated glass fibre observatory domes, each housing one telescope, on the vacant field at the rear of the island's Community Centre.


The plans also include a “warm” room containing computers and equipment to "allow remote viewing through the telescopes via a camera link".


The application, made by Terry Perkins, reads: "It is envisaged that the project would not only provide great interest to locals and existing visitors but also encourage new visitors in the off peak parts of the season."


The Isles of Scilly is the darkest district in the UK, according to a June report by the Campaign to Protect Rural England. 


The islands finished ahead of 325 other districts on a series of interactive satellite maps showing England's light pollution and dark skies.


The CPRE's report states that 91% of Scilly's night skies fall in the darkest category, "with very little light pollution elsewhere". 

This is a non-artistic illustration of what we think the observatory will not look like.

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