Sports Mode on St Mary's has closed its doors for the final time.

Lyn Townend worked her last day behind the counter yesterday while husband David was on the mainland. 


She said: "It's been a bit emotional, to say the least. We've been here 23 years and it's been my life. I've lived and breathed the shop. 


"People have been absolutely lovely. I've had cards, I've had people coming in just to say goodbye. I've heard comments from visitors leaving the shop saying 'Isn't it sad?'. That's been really nice."


The store was originally Linda Thomas's idea but she didn't want to start the business alone.


"So we went in together and started in the little post office archway," Lyn explained. "After a couple of years we parted ways, and Dave and I carried on. Then we got Trelawney guesthouse at the same time, so it all got a bit difficult doing both. Eventually we sold the guesthouse and moved here." 


Lyn said that she feels a little sad and guilty that she has built up a business and it will not continue. The buyers have yet to decide what they want to do with the property, having initially considered opening a restaurant. 


However, some of Sports Mode's speciality stock will still be available elsewhere. Island Home Hardware will sell items such as wellies, safety shoes, socks and flip-flops, while Tideline will take on laces and shoe polish and Martine at the Stone Shop will sell fishing tackle. Items such as knee and wrist supports can be bought at the chemist.


Lyn and Dave also have plans to sell their remaining stock, possibly via Facebook.


As for the future, Lyn says it's time to start really enjoying Scilly. "I came here 42 years ago. I'm in catering by profession and I used to cook meals at Smuggler's Ride. Really I've been working all the time I've been here and there comes a point where you just want to chill and start enjoying Scilly. 


"I keep saying to visitors, I'm going to be out there enjoying it now! I'm going to take up fishing and enjoy birdwatching."

Pictured - Lyn with daughter Bec Campion. The shop has been part of Bec's life since she was ten years old.

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