The mother of an injured biker is searching for a man travelling to Scilly who helped her son when he crashed his motorbike in Cornwall. 

Colbey Brook had a serious accident on Carland Cross roundabout at 6am on Tuesday and is being treated at Treliske hospital.  

His mum Mel Brook-Higgins wrote on Facebook: "For all of you who are concerned for his wellbeing he's doing ok...

"I'm contactable on here if you are concerned. Please share this as I'd really like to find the man and personally thank him who stopped to help him when he was alone in the dark.

"This man was on his way to a flight to the Isle of Scilly that's all I know about him.

"Many other vehicles drove on by without stopping to help and left him in pain and on his own in the dark with life changing injuries which I find totally unbelievable!

"If today has shown me anything it is that life is precious and can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Im really lucky i didn't lose my son this morning, there's nothing more precious than family and friends and we should all appreciate them more xxx."


Mel's post has been shared 158 times on Facebook as she continues to look for the good Samaritan. 

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