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St Mary’s Hospital Matron, Anita Bedford, has paid tribute to colleague and Community Healthcare Assistant Beryl Read, who retired last week after 43 years of service.

Beryl joined the hospital in 1973 on a temporary contract before becoming a permanent member of the team in November the following year.


Anita said, "Beryl’s first job report noted her work was good to excellent and that never changed".


She added, “To be a nurse is a privilege, to share someone's journey at different times of their life; walk with them in their shoes and become uplifted and humbled by the complexities of the human spirit. Beryl has been part of so many people's journey and has been on duty to share moments of joy at the birth of a daughter or son and, of course, those times of sadness when a loved one is ill or has died.


“Retirement should be a time to be yourself, not just another employee, however, Beryl's self is to be selfless, and during my own career at St Mary's Hospital she has always been loyal, dependable and kind. She put the needs of the service first, whether it is to escort a patient to the mainland, cover an unfilled shift, work extra hours, or support a consultant undertaking an out-patient's clinic. 


“Although the Hospital team are delighted that Beryl and John will have more leisure time together, this is tempered by a feeling of someone is missing on a Monday morning, that someone being Beryl. 


“We all move on, making way for new faces, and St Mary's Hospital is fortunate to have an amazing team, with each new member bringing their own special gifts. Beryl contribution to our team was unique and no one will ever be able to fill her shoes. Thank you Beryl.” 


Beryl told Scilly Now & Then magazine, "I’ve seen such a lot over the years. Mainly I’ve just been very grateful that with the training we’ve received we could deal with anything that came in.”


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