The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has urged birders on Scilly to donate just £3 each to help keep a bird hide on the higher moors nature trail open.

The Trust say that the walkway to the Stephen Sussex hide is "nearly too dangerous to use" and will have to be replaced in the coming year or the hide will have to be closed. 


The appeal states: "[We] want to replace it with recycled plastic boardwalk similar to what have used in other areas of higher and lower moors but need support as its not a cheap option but it is the sensible option - environmentally sound, safe and a lifetime investment. 


"It will ensure that you, and others, for years to come can enjoy the views from the Stephen Sussex hide."


The Trust hopes to raise £1,000 during October towards funding the replacement boardwalk. The remaining funds needed will be raised from grants where possible and other targeted appeals. 


"If every birder donated £3 to this local independent charity it would make a big contribution towards the £1,000 we need to make this happen."


Donations can be made via purple donation boxes or the Wildlife Trust website (www.ios-wildlifetrust.org.uk/)


October is traditionally birding season on Scilly. Recent highlights include two Red Eyed Vireos and a Caspian Tern.

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