Members will be asked to approve the Council of the Isles of Scilly's Sex Establishment policy at a meeting this week.

The policy deals with the regulation of sex establishments and the procedure for applications for licences. It covers sex shops, sex cinemas and sexual entertainment venues, including lap-dancing establishments.


If agreed by the Licensing Committee on October 13, it will be sent to December's Full Council for final approval ahead of publication in January 2017.


According to the report accompanying the document, failure to have a suitable policy in place 'opens the authority’s area to unrestricted and unlicensed premises proliferating without control'.


Clauses relating to sex entertainment venues include that dancers will only be present in the licensed area in a state of nudity when they are performing on stage or providing a private dance and that any person on the premises who can be observed from outside will be properly and decently dressed.


Another states that limousines, Hummers, mini buses, rickshaws, bicycles and novelty vehicles will not be used to transport customers to and from the premises.


The Sex Establishment Policy has been advertised for public consultation for the ten weeks up to October 3. No requests for a copy or comments were received by the Authority up to September 16.


When approving the document for consultation in July, Licensing Chair Mollie Peacock said: "Having a policy like this is a legislative requirement. I think that we have to do it but it should be discouraged because it isn't quite what Scilly's all about."

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