A pair of ducks who hang out on Porthcressa beach have earned their own Facebook fan page.

The ducks, one brown and one white, used to belong to Kris 'Spider' Webb, until they deserted their home in a storm and settled at Porthcressa in 2015.


Islander Jane Hurd, who set up the page, said: "So many visitors took pictures of them, and posted on social media. They were user friendly and attractive, and would approach people without fear.


"Soon, comments were repeatedly made that they should have their own Facebook page, but as is the way, no-one did anything about setting one up.


"So, one day when I probably had a million other things to do, I decided to set one up myself, just for a bit of fun. I posted a few photos I had, invited others to do the same, mentioned it to my friends and on other Scilly Facebook pages, and as is the way of such things the word spread."


Spider, who also has ducks Captain and Rocky, wrote of Scilly's latest celebrities: "I never thought I would see my ducks have their own FB page! Their names are Pablo (the white one) and Peter."


The pair were briefly joined on the beach by a goose. 


The page, called Scilly Porthcressa Sea Ducks, earned more than 100 likes in its first week. 


Jane added: "It would be great if more people took and posted photos as well... the visitors love them and it's good for the islands. Hopefully the word will spread and people will want to come on holiday to see them. Where else do you have domestic ducks swimming around freely in the sea?"

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