The bright light at the end of St Mary's quay has been adjusted following complaints from residents.

Cllr Andrew Combes spoke to Harbour staff about the light, which he said is particularly visible from the areas around the Star Castle and Town beach


He said: "Thanks are due to Harbour Master Dale Clark and his team for giving in to nagging from me (and no doubt many others) about the leakage of light from the lamp at the end of the quay.  


"As a first stage the lamp has now been angled down, this has already significantly reduced glare. Stage two will involve changing the bulb to one that gives a softer light." 


Harbourmaster Dale Clark said: “We are looking into replacing the harsh, bright white mercury lights in the floodlights with yellow sodium lights, which are not as intense - providing the regulations allow us to do this.”


Cllr Combes insisted that he is not "anti-lights", he is simply keen that "given our exceptional dark skies we need to keep the lights illuminating the things that need illuminating rather than lighting up half the island". 


He added that although the light on the end of the quay is the number one source of complaint, he does have others on his list - the next being "the one to the rear of Town Hall that blinds people walking along Porthcressa".   

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