Permission for proposed new dwellings at Holy Vale was rejected at yesterday’s planning meeting after members were informed that the applicant had made no attempt to negotiate on local need.

The plan to convert redundant agricultural buildings into unrestricted units of residential accommodation could have seen up to 6 new bed spaces created but it was recommended for refusal on the basis that without the use of a restrictive agreement it was contrary to Policy 3 of the Isles of Scilly Local Plan, which was adopted in 2005.


The applicant claimed that a heavily restricted scheme would not justify the significant capital investment, nor permit access to loan finance and so the buildings will continue to deteriorate and fall into disrepair.


For this reason they asked that the Planning Committee consider the application on the basis of national, rather than exclusively local, planning policies.


Councillor Christine Savill told members: “We have a Local Plan, however out of date it might be. It would be a very dangerous precedent to endorse this.”


Councillor Colin Daly referred to the application as “a previous decision coming back to bite us,” and advised: “We should not be wandering from our Local Plan in the future.”

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