This year's contingent of Mal De Mers will include a man from the United States on his first visit with the group since 1962.

He will join 33 other members of the mainland-based club when they descend on the islands for their annual week of sporting competition on September 28th. 


Mals 'organizator' Jeremy Chadwick said: "Interestingly, we have a chap coming over from the USA who has only ever been on one trip (hence he's not a real Mal yet as he's not been 'flushed in'). That trip was in 1962, so he must be somewhere between 77 and 80 now. 


"He knows no-one, and no-one knows him. I admire his spirit of adventure, and am looking forward to meeting him. 54 years between trips is quite extraordinary! He found us via the website."


This year's group will include four new boys "to help bring the average age down", Jeremy revealed. 


He said: "Personally I'm about as unfit as I can recall, but apparently due to our personnel changes this year I'll be in the tennis team, so that'll sort me out. I believe our New Boys are all reasonably good sportsmen, so we'll be trying to make the football matches a bit more competitive than recent years. 


"There are always a few surprises with hidden abilities coming out, and that includes the evening entertainment as much as the sport!"


The upcoming visit will mark 84 years since the Mals first converged on the islands for a week of sporting events which now includes sailing, cricket, table tennis, tug of war, volleyball and a quiz. 


Last year's competition resulted in a draw.

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