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The Daymark Festival will go ahead again next year after another successful weekend of music at Sevenstones Inn on St Martin’s.

Anyone braving the elements to come along this year would have to concede that the standard of musicianship was staggering. 


That was the verdict of organiser Warren Neil who added, "My vocabulary genuinely cannot express my gratitude to everyone involved, who helped and who came."


Luckily the majority of performers came across from the mainland on the Friday, missing Storm Katie and an unpleasant Scillonian trip, although the storm did have an effect on some local groups getting over to St Martins.


"My thanks has to go out for their commitment to the end and to the boatmen for their efforts in the face of such inclement weather.


"When musicians like Stevie Nicole Brown, Ellie & Taz Mains, Lukas Drinkwater, Joe Keelan, Josh Marks and The Little Unsaid happily make their way to St Martins, your heart feels like it is going to explode in anticipation.


"The word ‘headlining’ becomes redundant in these situations but, unfortunately, The Interceptors from Falmouth could not make it due to Fred Baylis Gray being admitted to hospital (he has since made a full recovery).


"Looking around the happily drunken and progressively expectant room, very few knew who would be taking their place on Saturday night.  Those who did, myself included, could not have been prepared for John Elliott, Piers Lewin, Joe Keelan & Lukas Drinkwater stepping up (after an hour’s rehearsal) as the Reliably Interesting Badgers.  It was unique, rousing, boisterous, delicate, personal - I could go on, but it is fair to say that we will not see the like of that again."


The festival will run again next year from 14-16th April and you can help the cause by snapping up the few remaining bits of merchandise from this year, including T-shirts and Tote bags, from the website

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