The Isles of Scilly's Stop Smoking counsellor has urged residents to see her if they need support.

Louise Baker, who works at the health centre, said there is now a huge range of products available to help people quit. 


She said: "I'm here if anyone is thinking about quitting or is determined to set a quit date and wants support. A lot of people have thought in the back of their mind that they want to quit, but think they can't do it. Even if they just want to talk through some thoughts and are not ready to stop yet, they can come and have a chat about some ways to approach it in the future. 


"I can show the nicotine replacement medicines they can have and talk through lifestyle changes and I can set up prescriptions for them and dispense them. It's all free and confidential."


Louise, who works on behalf of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Council Health Promotion team, holds a drop-in centre from 5pm every weekday or appointments can be made for specific times. 


She explained that there is now a huge range of products available to help people quit smoking. 


"I talk to people about how they live their lives and adapt the medicines to that. if they're very active, there are things that dissolve on your tongue. if you're a diver, for example, you can have a very specific type of medicine that you can use while still doing your job. 


"Many people have patches, which are easy to use. There are clear ones now so they're invisible. That's the starting point but I can advise people to have other combinations of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. There are sprays, lozenges, microfilms, a tablet called Champix that I recommend as second line which is very effective. There are also products like an inhalator where you can still mix with people who are smoking and keep that social side."


She added: "Basically I want to remind people that I am at the health centre and this service is easily accessed. If there are seasonal workers out here they may not know the support I can give. if employers know of someone who would benefit from this, they may want to point them in the right direction. You've got to put a bit of effort in yourself but the benefits of giving up are huge, even if you've been smoking a long time."

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