The public exhibition for the proposed new helicopter link to the Isles of Scilly opened to queues at the door of the Acorn Theatre in Penzance on Thursday.

The £2m scheme, backed by Tresco owner Robert Dorrien-Smith received overwhelming support. 


Asked by BBC Spotlight whether it was a gamble worth taking, Robert said: “It’s not a gamble, it’s absolute necessity”.

There were some concerns raised about noise, with suggestions that there could be up to 17 flights a day, and the flight costs.

Robert told This is Scilly that the approaches to the heliport have been designed over only industrial and not residential property.


With the proposed Augusta Westland AW139 helicopter being considerably quieter than the Sikorsky S-61, it is hoped that this will not present a barrier to the planning application.

It was also confirmed that prices are set to be in line with fixed wing Skybus fares from Newquay.  Robert told BBC reporter Tamsin Melville that he considered £220 to be a ‘realistic’ fare.

Pressed if he would get enough passengers, Robert replied: “We will get the people.”

Residents of the Isles of Scilly will get their opportunity to view the proposals at the Wesleyan Chapel on St Mary’s next Friday between 12:30 and 3:00pm.

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