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A new book set on the islands is to be launched at the inaugural Isles of Scilly Festival next month.

Stone in the Blood, a fantasy novel by Colin Jordan and David England, is aimed at both teens and adults.


Colin is a regular visitor to Scilly, first coming as a child in 1971. He told us: "Although the central character is only 12 years old there are some gruesome scenes and ideas in the book. I would not recommend that very young children read the story."


The book centres around Peter Millen, who is staying with his aunt on Scilly. He slips and cracks his head while exploring the mysterious island of Nornour. When he awakens in hospital, Peter is amazed to find that he now possesses strange new powers and a unique empathy with Scilly’s stone and rock. He also has the ability to weave events and change established history from his hospital bed.


The collaborators live some 150-miles apart, with Colin residing in the West Country and David in Herefordshire. They work through a combination of Skype sessions and monthly get-togethers.


"Skype is not really the limitation you might expect and we've known each other for many years and have always worked together very well," Colin said.


The book is designed to be more interactive than most fantasy novels in print at the moment. The reader is encouraged to flip back and forwards from maps to the text and the artwork.


"We've tried to take an original approach," Colin explained. "It's a little experimental in places - the way we've told the story, but we think it works all the better for that."


He added: "It's a book that's largely concerned with very real places on Scilly. Anyone familiar with the islands will find much to enjoy and identify with.


"Part of the story is set in the year 1974, so there's also a nostalgic element to the story. I'm drawing on my own personal experiences in visiting the islands as a child, like travelling overnight on the sleeper train from Paddington and taking the helicopter across.


"We've had great fun imagining what Scilly would be like back in the Iron Age, when most of the islands were still joined together as one landmass, which we've called An-Nur in the book."


The authors will be giving a presentation on Wednesday 18th May in the Church Hall, where they will discuss the book and the way it was developed.


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