The Isles of Scilly Council's website is one of the hardest to read of any local authority in the country, a new report has claimed.

Along with Sevenoaks, Worcester, Chiltern and Malvern Hills, 31% of sentences on Scilly's council's site were found to contain more than 25 words.


Some pages contain no words at all, although no mention of this was made in the report.


VisibleThread's automated software analysed 191 council websites for risk factors such as ‘readability’, ‘passive language’, ‘long sentences’ and ‘word complexity density’.


Some 82% of local authority websites did not achieve the target score of 60 for readability, equivalent to a Year 9 reading level.


This is despite 2014 government guidelines that “plain English is mandatory for all of GOV.UK. This isn’t just a list of words to avoid. Plain English is the whole ethos of Gov.UK: it’s a way of writing.”


The five most understandable councils in the country are apparently South Tyneside, Eastbourne Borough, London Borough of Hackney, Durham and Huntingdonshire. 

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