Cllr Steve Sims has hit back at a newspaper report that Cornwall taxpayers may have to subsidise the islands' council.

The West Briton printed an article yesterday with the headline 'Cornwall taxpayers may have to bail out cash-strapped Isles of Scilly council by sharing more jobs'.


It claimed that with the islands' council facing the possibility of cutting services as much as 40%, Cornwall Council is stepping in to help reduce the authority's costs by taking on roles such as Monitoring Officer and Chief Fire Officer. 


However, Scilly's Vice-chair of Council Steve Sims said that while the body of the article is "spot on", the headline is "misleading and alarmist nonsense".


He said: "There is no question of Cornish taxpayers bailing out the Islands. At worst it will be cost neutral for Cornwall with a saving to the islands. 


"As the article says, 'All collaborative arrangements must be mutually beneficial to both [Cornwall] Council and the Isles of Scilly and, wherever possible, provide a modest net external income stream to [Cornwall] Council while realising revenue savings for the Isles of Scilly."

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