Storm petrels, one of England’s rarest seabirds, returned to breed on St Agnes and Gugh for the first time in living memory last year following the successful eradication of rats from both islands. 

Project staff are hoping that the nest boxes - man-made enclosures for animals to nest in - will encourage the sparrow-sized birds and make it easier to monitor their breeding success later in the autumn. 


Jaclyn Pearson, the RSPB’s Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project manager, said: “We thank the volunteers involved in making and placing the nest boxes on St Agnes and Gugh. We have recently started monitoring this year’s storm petrel chicks, so it’s an exciting time. 


"One of the best things about this project is to know the hard work of so many people has opened up habitat on St Agnes and Gugh, where these amazing seabirds can breed in safety without their eggs or young being eaten by rats."

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