A St Martins resident has created a new line of fun bags and T-shirts with a silly/Scilly theme.

Stephanie Moakes, who moved back to the island in 2014 after 14 years in New Zealand, said she wanted to create something fun that she could do locally.


She explained: "Scilly Billy came about as I was thinking about playing on the word ‘Scilly’ in 'silly sayings'. And I wanted to create pieces that are unique, fun and eye-catching, but also share the Scilly theme. 


"The sayings I’ve used so far happen to all be associated with animals - a goat, donkey and cow for Scilly Billy, Scilly Ass and Scilly Moo. So I’ve incorporated them into the designs on bags and T-shirts, adding Scillonian characteristics. 


"I’ve written some short character biographies for each, which were great fun to do and have led to people making comparisons with some islanders!"


Scilly Billy is a 'salty old sea goat who has lived on St Martins since he was a kid', while Scilly Moo is a 'very silly cow who often wanders far from the herd and gets lost in her daydreams looking out to sea'. Meanwhile, Scilly Ass 'fancies himself as Captain Jack Sparrow ever since appearing in a production of Pirates of the Caribbean - At Land's End at the Minack Theatre in 2007'.


Stephanie, who still works remotely as a Communications Adviser for a company in New Zealand, produced her first batch of bags and T-shirts in the last month. She has now launched an online shop at and is considering retail outlet options on the islands. 


She also had stalls at the St Martins and Tresco fetes, where she had a "great response from visitors and islanders".


"As well as buying for themselves, many were buying them for birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family."


As for the future, Stephanie said that she has other designs and product ideas in the pipeline, adding: "It has been suggested I write some children’s books about these characters living on the islands - which would be fun. Maybe it’s something I will have a play with over the winter months, so watch this space!"


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