A man in Worthing is seeking the owners of a camera containing photos of a holiday to the Isles of Scilly

Paul Robards sent a letter to the Worthing Herald asking for help finding a family with a man named 'Storm' and a woman who have been to the Star Castle Hotel.


He wrote: "I recently purchased a digital camera from a Worthing charity shop and still inside was a memory card with 300 plus pictures on it. The pictures include a trip to what looked like a fun day out to Drusillas, with the leader being a man named Storm. The children are all wearing stickers with ‘I’m with Storm’ on them. 


"There is also a lady siting in the carriage, that appears in several of the pictures. There is a holiday trip with the man named ‘Storm’ and the lady to the Isle(s) of Scilly with the Star Castle Hotel, scenery and pictures of a poorly family pet dog being comforted. 


"There’s also a wedding in 2011 with Grace and Andy getting married and the reception afterwards."


Paul wishes anyone who recognises these descriptions to contact him on:

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