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The first gig race of the season takes place tonight when the ladies' teams line up at Nut Rock to negotiate the course to St Mary’s.

It is the start of a series of weekly races between now and September that have been a mainstay of the tourist season since the 1960s.


Pilot gig racing, as we know it todays, began shortly after the retirement of Jack Hicks from St Agnes who is regarded by some as the last competitive pilot on the Isles of Scilly.


For centuries locals raced to be first on the scene to deliver a pilot on to vessels approaching the islands in order to guide them through the hazardous reefs and shallow waters of the archipelago.


For those who would like to watch the race, there is a boat leaving the quay on St Mary’s at 6:45pm.


The first race of the men’s season will take place on Friday and the later in the month, on 29th April, the islands will host the 27th World Pilot Gig Championships.

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