Tresco owner Robert Dorrien-Smith has insisted that he is not out to compete with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company. 

Robert, one of the investors in Penzance Heliport Ltd who recently announced that planning permission is to be submitted for a new heliport in Penzance, said that he has had "extensive dialogue" with the organisation.


He told This is Scilly: "I’ve always made it clear this is not about the way the pie is sliced up; it’s about growing the pie. We need to get the market bigger.


"I think the helicopter will actually help them. Three methods of travel work better. If there was fog at Land’s End then quite often the helicopter would carry their people and if there was a technical at the helicopter they could go to Land’s End.


“I think it would be foolish of them to regard it as a negative step. I think it’s a supportive step."


Robert said that he has had only positive feedback from Penzance councillors about the plans.


He explained: "They will be consulted on September 8th where we are holding a special session for councillors.


"We’ve obviously had informal discussions with individual councillors but so far we’re getting nothing but favourable feedback - not just from councillors but from thousands and thousands of people.


"And I don’t mean silly nonsense from social media. I mean letters and emails all the time. Phone calls have been non-stop. We’ve got people in the Estate Office on Tresco doing nothing but handling calls. I think we’ve only had two critical calls and one was utterly irrelevant as they had the wrong end of the stick."


He added: "We need to modernise and strengthen the Scilly economy and we can’t do that unless we’ve got good transport. It’s absolutely essential to live in a beautiful place like this."

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