A woman who recently fell just short of becoming the third person to swim between the Isles of Scilly and Land’s End has spoken about her attempt.

Vicky Miller set off on the 28-mile swim at around 4am on July 17, but was defeated by strong currents less than 2 miles from Land’s End after 17.5 hours in the water.


Vicky, who has previously swum the English channel and North Channel, wrote on social media: “Just over a month ago, I tried unsuccessfully to become the third person to swim the 28 miles between Scilly Isles and Land's End…


“Two of the most memorable, and motivating, things that have been said to me since the swim were from two different Channel swimming friends: ‘The limits of one day are not the limits of another day’ and ‘If you never fail, you haven't tried hard enough’.


“Both of these comments really resonated with me, and comforted me that although I didn't achieve the result I wanted, this is all part and parcel of the tough challenges I choose to attempt. In particular, I like the idea that although (for whatever reason) my limit on 17th July was 17.5 hours and 26 miles, it doesn't mean that next time I can't go longer and further.”


She said that her biggest mistake had been assuming the swim would take between 16 and 18 hours. “I hadn't really contemplated a 20+ hour swim, so when my progress was impacted by strong currents against me, I wasn't mentally prepared for swimming into the night again.”


On whether she will attempt the route again, Vicky said: “I don't have a conclusive answer, at the moment - I don't feel too jilted by the swim, and so I'm not rebooking immediately. I'm definitely planning to set myself a new challenge that pushes me but just working out what to go for.”


She went on to thank her support team, both on land and accompanying boat the Celtic Fox, before concluding: “Despite not touching Land's End, I'm still definitely counting the adventure as another team success.”


Only two people have completed the swim before - Alison Streeter, who swam from Scilly to the mainland in 1998, and Beth French, who did the opposite in 2014.

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