4G for Vodafone has arrived on the Isles of Scilly.

Engineers have been spotted on the TV mast at Bants Carn all week. The signal switched off for a period of time today before 4G became operational.


Operator EE switched on its superfast 4G mobile network in April. However, Vodafone is the most commonly used network on the islands.


4G on Scilly means better coverage and better call quality on the Vodafone network. 


Five Islands School's IT manager Jeremy Pearson said of the update: "24 hours ago we had 2G (second generation), which is the equivalent speed of dial-up internet. It would take around 15 minutes to download a music track on to your phone, which made everything pretty much impossible to use except texting. 


"We've now skipped two generations to 4G which means everything has been upgraded, not just data features but also text messages and phone service. The quality of voice calls is now equal to that of CD. The latency that used to be there when making a mobile phone call, when you'd interrupt each other and then there'd be a pause - that has now gone. You can interrupt people and there'll hear you straight away.


"There's also far better coverage. No matter how good your signal is, it's no good if the coverage is bad. EE upgraded in April, but their coverage is not as good as Vodafone because their transmitter is lower down on the mast. The signal strength has been upgraded, which people will notice pretty quickly. If you've had a bad reception in your house, it may get better."


Jeremy said that the data features are where the difference will be most dramatic. "Now for the first time you'll be able to use your phone as if you're connected to wi-fi at home. That's the equivalent speed, depending on what network you're on and how many people are using their phones at the time."


However, there are downsides to 4G. With data usage likely to be much higher, Jeremy advised users to check their data plan and turn off mobile data for app updates and apps that are not used away from home. He warned that a phone's battery life will also be shorter. 


Jeremy's quick 4G pros and cons:



1. Better coverage

2. Better call quality

3. Can now use smartphone apps like email, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram



1. Data usage is likely to be much higher - check your data plan and turn off mobile data for app updates and apps that you don't use away from home

2. Battery life will be shorter

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