Some 54 exceptionally brave cuddly toys parachuted from the Church tower at the weekend, a few more than once. 

St Mary’s Parish Church’s second Teddy Bear Parachute Challenge raised £181 from refreshments and donations on a scorching Saturday. 


Oragniser Sarah Hale described the event as a “happy afternoon and such a fun way to raise money for the Church”. 


She said: “With very little wind, the parachutes all worked brilliantly and only one teddy landed on the roof but was soon returned to its almost tearful owner! 


“Several bears floated down very gracefully and landed on the road and some were even caught by their owners. Several visitors had come to the event two years ago and were delighted to have another go - I think the adults enjoyed it all almost more than the children!”


Jane Chiverton was once more on hand with her bear ‘care and repair’ service, dispensing special plasters and Savlon to the toys who had banged their heads and limbs against the church wall or landed with a thud.  


The toys ranged from a large panda to tiny 2 or 3" bears, a meerkat and even Mickey Mouse. Canon Perran Gay’s bear was also among the participants, all of whom received a ‘Certificate of Bearavery’ after their jump.

However, not everyone was a fan of flying teddy bears. Islander Barbara Simpson said of the event: “It’s not a challenge, it’s a massacre! That’s no way to treat a teddy bear. They’re too precious.”

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