Harold Wilson's former bodyguard has said that the Prime Minister lived a life "hardly any different from the average tourist" when he was on the Isles of Scilly. 

John Warwicker spoke to BBC Radio 4's Today show about his time serving the PM after it was revealed that Theresa May's bodyuards will never be more than 15 metres away when she holidays in the Swiss Alps.


He said: "It was a very personal, very unusual situation... It was the wish of his wife Lady Wilson that they go to the Scilly isles where they had a small bungalow and there they lived a life hardly any different from the average tourist on the Isles of Scilly except in that there was an official ingredient all the time."


Warwicker explained that the security staff had the bungalow next door "with a very fine landlady called Joan Short". Devon & Cornwall Constabulary would keep an eye on the Wilsons' home whenever they were out.


Asked how they stayed close to the PM when he was out on his boat, Warwicker replied: "Well he didn't have a boat so that's one myth. He went out on the boats that were available to the public but he didn't go with the public. 


"He always used to telephone in the morning directly after breakfast and arrange with the boat suppliers that he and his party would go at a certain time to a certain island and then he would have a private boat."


Comparing his time as a bodyguard with the news about Theresa May's security staff, he said: "We were within about a metre of the Prime Minister all the time, not 15. There would be two of us within that sort of distance. What I mean is, we were part of the party."

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