Hot on the heels of Colin Taylor's bestseller Life of a Scilly Sergeant, another book is to be published about policing on Scilly.

Roger Jacob began writing Scillybeat - Memoirs of a Scilly Copper in early 2015 for publication in September this year, which marks 50 years since he was posted to the islands as a young police officer in 1966. 


He was unaware that Sgt Taylor was writing his own book about the topic, but says that the two complement each other in some ways as his is more historical in nature.


In his prologue to the book, Roger's friend John Bourdeaux writes: "[This memoir] sets out to encapsulate a snapshot of policing through the eyes of a fledgling young police officer, not long out of his probationary period, who was still learning his trade, and about himself come to that, and in an anecdotal and often humorous way describes the manner in which policing seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of a self-contained community...


"'[It] is very much designed to be light-hearted and capture the less than serious side of life, sometimes to the detriment of the author’s reputation (and others with genuinely no offence intended), but from which he personally developed and grew in stature and standing to become the person he is today."


The book also includes a history of policing on the islands and a history of the Cornwall Constabulary.


Scillybeat - Memoirs of a Scilly Copper is published in September and will be sold in local outlets from the end of the month.


Roger said of sales of the book, which is self-published: "I have purposely not set my sights too high - I just hope some might enjoy reading it and by doing so reflect on better days and certainly before Twitter and Facebook - we were lucky to get access to a phone at certain times of the day in 1966!"

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