Osprey skipper Andy Howells has been praised for saving a person’s life on Sunday.

The St Mary’s lifeboat went to the aid of four people following reports that a small open boat had been swamped at the north west end of Tresco, leaving casualties in the water and on the rocks.


Conditions in this area of Tresco at the time were described as ‘dangerous with a large heavy groundswell and a strong tide in the channel’.


The passenger vessel Osprey was on a seabird trip in the area when Andy, a former coxswain of the lifeboat, saw the small boat swamped by a large groundswell close to the shore. 


Describing what happened next, the St Mary’s Lifeboat Station’s Facebook page posted: ‘Using his instinct, skill and knowledge, Andy Howells managed to get over to the scene and pull one person from the water, whilst the other three were washed into and then on to the rocks.


‘Once the lifeboat arrived on scene the crew went alongside the Osprey and took off the person so they could be treated by our trained casualty carers.’

The Tresco Coastguard Rescue Team went to the aid of the three injured casualties on the rocks but their location under a cliff, along with the condition of the patient on the lifeboat, meant that an extraction via helicopter to Treliske hospital was deemed the best course of action.

The R924 helicopter airlifted the three people off the shore and the casualty on the lifeboat was then lifted around the corner in quieter water in New Grimsby Sound. All four were then transferred to Treliske. 


The Facebook post concludes: ‘I cannot stress enough the act of Andy Howells pulling the person from the water on to the Osprey close to the shore. This in my opinion saved this person’s life.


‘All four are lucky to be alive. The injuries sustained by all of them were caused by being hit by the boat and then washed into and then on to the rocks.’

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