A new transport initiative has been set up on the islands to act as a conduit for communication between the community and transport providers to the Isles of Scilly.

The Isles of Scilly Community Transport Initiative, headed by Bryher resident Kathy Stedeford, is looking for committed members of the community to join up and share their experiences, good and bad, about the current level of service provision including travel to and from the mainland, onward travel links and freight delivery.


There are currently representatives from all the islands on board and Kathy said that she is happy to set up quarterly meetings in various venues throughout the islands.


She said: ”I would rather have 50 committed people than 400 members and I don’t want to go down the road of public meetings. We are not a lobbying group. We just want the best possible service for everyone.”


Kathy said that turning to social media to share disappointing travel experiences and problems with freight can often not reflect well on the islands as a community in the eyes of the visitor but acknowledged that for many it is seems the only way to go because they don’t know who to speak to.


She said: “When things go wrong a lot of people don’t know who to complain to so I want to be able to speak on behalf of those people at director and shareholder level. I am no longer in business so I have no vested interest and can speak freely and openly.


“Also we will be pushing for more information on the future plans of the transport providers as there is a lack of clarity and that in turn can cause a lot of rumours that are very unsettling.”


Kathy said that anyone is free to comment on their experiences and share their concerns by email. She will not accept anonymous comments but pledges not to disclose names to any third party so people can be sure their views are heard in the strictest confidence.


To be a part of the group or share your experiences you can contact Kathy at

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