An Isles of Scilly councillor has asked whether the authority's Sex Establishment Policy has to be "quite so explicit".

At a light-hearted meeting of the Licensing Committee this afternoon, Cllr Avril Mumford suggested that the listing of body parts in the nudity section of the document left little to the imagination.

Senior Officer for Democratic and Licensing Sue Pritchard responded that the definitions were taken from the legislation and that it is "essential that it is absolutely clear to any applicant what we mean by a display of nudity and permitted hours".


Introducing the document, Mrs Pritchard said that it was "considerably rejigged" from the previous one and "supports your requirement that any establishment that did open does not alter the ethos of the islands and maintains a profile that's appropriate".


Committee chair Cllr Molly Peacock admitted that she had been "horrified" when she first read the policy, but was happy with it after reading to the end.  

Cllr Mike Nelhams praised Mrs Pritchard for putting the document together and emphasised the importance of the risk management section of the report, which reads: 'The risk in not having a suitable policy is greater than having one. The damage that could accrue to the community by unrestrained proliferation of this type of establishment could affect the whole ethos of the islands.'


Members agreed the recommendation to put the draft Sex Establishment Policy out for public consultation. 


Cllr Peacock told This Is Scilly after the meeting: "Having a policy like this is a legislative requirement. I think that we have to do it but it should be discouraged because it isn't quite what Scilly's all about."

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