The Isles of Scilly Council has said that it is committed to increasing recycling rates and introducing a kerbside collection.

It hopes to introduce new recycling options in the first half of next year, with residents most likely being asked to separate goods into three categories - paper, cardboard, and plastics and tin cans.


The authority's Infrastructure Department said: “We won’t be able to confirm it until later in the year but once arrangements are in place, we will make sure that the community has lots of time to prepare for the change.”


Meanwhile, glass will continue to be processed on the islands for reuse. The bring sites (bottle and can banks) will be retained and the Council is investing in improvements to the existing bring sites on St Mary's. A new site will be installed to offer a more convenient location for people living in Old Town.


The Council told This is Scilly that green waste is already being recycled, but added: "Sadly, there are no locally permitted green waste composting facilities so this material is sent to the mainland. This is not ideal and we would look to change this arrangement should a suitable island-based alternative become available."


The Isles of Scilly currently has one of the worst recycling records of all waste services in England (14% versus the national average of 44%).

The Council previously told the BBC: "We do face unique challenges and historically I think we've not really had a handle on waste. But we are starting to turn the waste issue around."

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