The Tolman Animal Kingdom and sanctuary is moving to the mainland. 

Owner Adam Smith took to Facebook to respond to rumours on the islands about its fate. 


"The Duchy of Cornwall has asked us to remove our mammals from the site," he said. "This will take a long time to put into place as our animals are rescues and I will not just move them.


"We have sourced land on the mainland and some will be moved over the winter and the next 12 months. We also we have some islanders who are taking some of the baby skunks as household pets. All are animals can be kept as pets."


He added: "It's sad in a lot of ways as the animals are secure and settled here."


Adam confirmed that Tolman Cafe will not be closing and that he will continue to be involved in its management for the foreseeable future.


He said: "I will also be opening an animal sanctuary on the mainland where all the animals will be safe permanently for the rest of their lives so I will have a base there also."


When asked for a comment about the situation last week, Duchy Deputy Land Steward Luke Humphries described it as "very complicated".


The Tolman Animal Kingdom opened last October. 

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