The unsightly heap of waste on St Mary’s, commonly known as Moorwell Alp, has finally been removed

The Porthmellon waste site is currently undergoing a major redevelopment, thanks to a £3.6 million DEFRA grant, to create a modern waste management facility.


Depending on the type of material, the contents of the alp have been sent to landfill in Cornwall or reused during the development.


The Council of the Isles of Scilly said: “Some of the residual and shredded bulky waste on site was sent to landfill in Cornwall. ‘Energy from Waste’ plants were the preferred method of disposal, but unfortunately weren’t able to accept it.


“The majority of the material from the waste heaps has been reused during the redevelopment of the site.


“Once the structure of the bunds is complete, they will be covered with the green waste on site and seeded so that the boundary of the site is covered in plants.

“Large pieces of natural stone have been set aside so that they can be used elsewhere, eg on sea defences."

Lead Member Cllr Ted Moulson, Chair of Transport, Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee, said: “The redevelopment of St Mary’s waste site has been a long project but is now in its final stages.  It represents one of the most significant shifts in how the islands manage waste and will enable us to meet the needs of the Community and the environment into the future.”


The Moorwell site is currently open for household waste on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and commercial waste on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons (all times 1 - 4.45pm except Friday, which is 1 - 3.45pm).

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