Anna and Dan Hambrook and their family have shared sad news about Anna's health.

Anna, who was raised on Scilly, is suffering from a rare form of cancer. Islanders, via the group Scilly Hu-Ha (Help Us Help Anna), have raised some £20,000 to help fund immunotherapy, a treatment unavailable on the NHS. 


The Hambrook family wrote on Scilly Hu-Ha's Facebook page: "It is with great sadness that I write this note to update everyone on the latest situation with Anna. Some of you may have heard already that the Immunotherapy treatment was not successful. Anna had a scan a couple of weeks ago now and the results showed that the disease had continued to spread and showed no sign of a positive response. As a result treatment has now stopped.


"However the bigger shock is just how quickly Anna's health has deteriorated in the last week. So much so that we now only expect Anna to be with us for something like weeks or even days. It has all happened so quickly and as a family it is hard to adjust to this sudden change in her health. Anna is comfortable and pain free and she has someone from the family with her at all times, but she can only communicate a little and is very weak.


"Anna and I will never regret giving the immunotherapy a go. There was just a chance it would be the miracle we were all praying for. Perhaps even more importantly the love and support from everyone involved in the fundraising meant so much to Anna and the rest of the family. The amazing response to Anna's situation from everyone on Scilly touched her in ways that cannot be put into words and gave her such a sense of being loved and cherished, and for me that is a priceless gift.


"Even though we have worked and lived in many places over the years, for Anna Scilly will always be home."


They closed the message with "love and thanks". 

Anna and Dan met on the islands as teenagers. They currently live in Cornwall and have three children. 

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