Scilly's MP Derek Thomas and his predecessor Andrew George have spoken out with opposing views on the decision by the British public to leave the European Union.

Pro-Brexit MP Derek Thomas has said that the government now has a "huge task" ahead. 


Writing on Facebook after the result of last Thursday's referendum, he stressed the importance of looking after the farming and fishing industries when the UK leaves the EU.


The Conservative MP for the St Ives constituency said: “Today has been a significant day in the history of Great Britain and Europe.


“Personally I believe we have made the right decision. We now have the huge task of building a United Kingdom in Europe but not run by Europe."


He revealed that he had not wanted David Cameron to resign, saying: “I signed a joint letter (from over 80 MPs supporting a Brexit) urging David Cameron to continue to lead the nation and lead the negotiations with the EU. I'm saddened that he feels that he is not the man for the job. I think he is.


“What we absolutely need now is a united and focused effort to deliver the best for the UK. We do not need months of debate about who should be the next Prime Minister and I for one, will not be engaging in this debate."


He added: “I met with a group of West Cornwall farmers today and discussed with them how they need to be supported when we officially leave the EU in two years or so. We need them to produce our food and care for our countryside. No government will deny this and we must also ensure they can compete with our neighbours.


“Over the next months and year or two politicians must ensure that people such as farmers, our fishing industry and other sectors are at the table when we thrash out a post EU Great Britain.”


However, Scilly's previous MP Andrew George, who supported the Remain campaign, had a more pessimistic view. He said: "It’s telling that French National Front leader Marie LePen was among the first to celebrate the news...


“In respecting this decision, it is vital that the country has effective and diplomatic leadership. Unfortunately I cannot see where that leadership is going to come from. Those who’ve led the Leave campaign are ill equipped for such a job."

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