The winners of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun have said that the Isles of Scilly is the perfect venue.

Brits Richard Stannard and Andrew Fargus described the islands as "spectacular" and "made for" the event. 


Richard, a multi-time aquathon and biathle World champion, said of the course: "When swimming, you could see all the wildlife underneath you. I saw masses of it. I didn't see a seal, though, that was the one thing I wanted to see. But to see all the islands - apart from St Agnes - in one day like that, was brilliant. It doesn't get any better." 

Andrew said that he had never taken part in a race in such a beautiful venue.

The pair particularly enjoyed running through the Tresco Abbey Garden, which Richard described as "awesome".


"We just went in! I said to Andrew as we ran through, do we need a ticket? All the people who were walking round knew we were coming and they got out the way and gave us a cheer."


Andrew said that he didn't notice how cold the water was until the last swim.

"There was a lot of current about one and a half kilometres in," Richard explained. "That's when it starts to take effect and you think I've been out here nearly four and a half hours and the body starts to realise this is not going to be an easy thing to do. You start to shiver and Andrew suffered a bit of cramp but once he got rid of that he was flying on that last run."


Asked their post-race plans, Richard said: "Drink booze!" 

He added: "We'll have a good meal at the Star Castle then head down the pub to celebrate."

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